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The Hardy Girls Mystery Series

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Volume 1 - The Mystery of Rafferty's Farm (2013)

Volume 2 - The Mystery of the Derailed Train (Late 2017)

Volume 3 - The Mystery of the Warehouse Explosion (TBA)

Volume 4 - The Mystery of the Sunken Sloop (TBA)

Volume 5 - The Mystery of the Haunted Mansion (TBA)

Text by Dixie W. Franklin, images by Naeomi Castellano. Copyright 2013 and 2017 by GroundWork. Released as a PDF at no charge or profit.

Meet Francesca and Josephine - the Hardy Girls!

Josephine and Francesca Hardy, twelve-year-old daughters of the famous Hardy Boys, are about to embark on their first mystery!

The Hardy Boys' youthful sleuthing freed Bayport from crime for 20 years.

Now a new generation of criminal is back.

The Hardy Girls, cousins and next-door neighbors, pick up where their fathers left off. Careening around town on their bicycles, trying desperately to corner the animal smugglers and find the buried treasure while staying one step ahead of bumbling Police Chief Oscar Smuff, the Hardy Girls tackle The Mystery of Rafferty's Farm.

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What about Frank and Joe?

In case you haven't followed their later careers, the short version is, they became successful orthodontists, married Callie and Iola, and each had a kid. Here's the long version, straight from the book:

The Hardy brothers and their wives had known each other most of their lives, and had been steady couples since high school. Those were stellar years for Frank and his younger brother Joe, as they confronted dozens of baffling mysteries during the Great Bayport Crime Wave of their youth. With their hometown threatened by ne'er-do-wells of every stripe and the local police force nearly overwhelmed, the sleuthing abilities of the Hardy Boys rescued Bayport from becoming a haven of crime.

Unfortunately, their very success was their undoing. As early as The Viking Symbol Mystery, scofflaws were giving Bayport wide berth, and arrest rates slackened. The brothers went on to gain Criminology degrees from State. But by the time they completed their studies and opened the Hardy Brothers Detective Agency, it had been years since a robbery or assault had been reported in their hometown.

Frank and Joe were reduced to searching for lost pets and missing bicycles. After a year of futility, the brothers took down their sign, went back to school, and emerged as the Hardy Brothers Orthodontal Clinic - Bayport's leading purveyors of braces, retainers, and headgear.

Soon after, Frank wed Callie. A few months later, Iola Morton returned from several years in the Peace Corps, and she and Joe were married. Using reward money from the boys' cases, the families purchased houses next door to one another on Maple Street in the residential west side of Bayport.

The following Fall, on Halloween night, Francesca was born to Iola and Joe. A few hours later, on All Saints' Day, Callie gave birth to Josephine.

The girls had been raised almost as sisters, with their rooms facing one another across a narrow, weed-filled easement between the houses. All their lives, their families had shared meals, and this day was no exception...

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Text and images copyright 2013 and 2017 by GroundWork

This is a work of literary-historical fiction. While the characters and narratives may reflect previously-reported fictional characters, the present author believes herself to be the first to record the escapades of Josephine and Francesca Hardy.

There is no connection between these two characters and any living or formerly-living person. Any resemblance is accidental.

This book is a satirical tribute to The Hardy Boys, who even in retirement continue to inspire a new generation through the stories of their exploits. It is presented as fan-fiction and as a gentle but thorough commentary on the original Hardy Boys series and the world-view it enshrined.

This book is released as a PDF at no charge and no profit to the author, artist, or publisher.

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Dixie W. Franklin

Dixie W. Franklin (a spiritual descendent of Hardy Boys' author Franklin W. Dixon) is the nom de plum of Direct Action author Luke Hauser, whose name is a pseudonym for George Franklin, which is a magical name for....

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