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GroundWork - Successor to Direct Action

Back Issues of GroundWork - 1990-98

Each of these issues offered in-depth coverage of the theme as well as many pages of general grassroots reporting. The two issues on Nuclear Waste were the most comprehensive report available on this secretive and ever-shifting topic in the 1990s.

GroundWork - Successor to Direct Action

GroundWork was a successor to Direct Action newspaper - for which the novel Direct Action was named.

Direct Action newspaper - issues 1-25 - appeared from 1982 through Fall 1986. After a three year hiatus (which saw the inception of the book Direct Action), several former DA collective members joined a San Francisco-based collective publishing a magazine then known as Green Letter.

Loosely affiliated with the pre-Green Party grassroots Greens' movement, GL covered various aspects of non-electoral organizing.

In 1992, with the Greens morphing into an electoral party, the Green Letter collective made a decision to rename our magazine GroundWork and publish as an independent grassroots voice.

In those pre-internet day, when news from outside your home region was dependent on word of mouth and the occasional traveling slide show, GroundWork probably set records (rivaled only by Earth First! Journal) for publishing the most photographs of direct action protests.

Circulation peaked at about 8000 copies, about half of which were paid subscriptions. Subscribers clustered in the Northeast, Northern Midwest, and West Coast, but were found in almost every US state and Canadian province as well as across Europe.

In 1998, facing red ink and a looming internet, GroundWork folded its activist coverage into the newly-formed Reclaiming Quarterly, which linked Neo-Pagan practice and grassroots activism. RQ continues to publish an online edition that includes the voices (and camera-work) of several former Direct Action and GroundWork journalists.

Above are the seven issues titled GroundWork. We'll post some of the Green Letter issues soon.

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