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Writing and Music by Luke Hauser and Friends

Come back soon for more listings - here's a few quick links

Luke Hauser's photojournalism appears at the Reclaiming Quarterly website

GroundWork - back issues - activist magazine co-edited by Luke Hauser 1990-1998

The Hardy Girls Mysteries - chapter books for kids - comedies for adults

The Magical Writer - online writing course with free downloadable workbook

Revolutionary Pagan Workers Vanguard - dialectical satire for the unwashed masses!

2003 LAG Reunion - with a photo from our younger years!

Vintage Activist Handbooks - free downloads of classic direct action handbooks

Teens Tree-Climbing Workshop - at Teen Earth Magic - co-organized by Luke Hauser and GroundWork!

Funky Nixons - humorous songs for hard times

Radio Free Nixon - fast-paced cultural pastiches created by Dj Milhous for Berkeley Liberation Radio in 1999-2000